moderated Mesage For Jim Weiss

Robbie Curtis

Hey Guys,

I know this might be unusual, but I don't know if my messages are getting to Jim Weiss' inbox. So Jim this is for you:

VmWare and Windows Question
Hi Jim and thanks for responding so quickly. Hope things are going well with you.

I have noticed that when I log into Windows through VmWare that the fan runs high and the cpu usage goes up. I searched through VmWare's blog and support
pages and found out that it has something to do with the graphics manager and I need to place a couple of lines in the .vmx file.

The instructions say to right-click on the vmware library and choose content package and then find the .vmx file. As you know there is no keyboard shortcut
to right-click using Mac.

Do you know of any alternative way to get to this file?

Again, thanks for responding and I look forward to hearing from you.

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