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I’ve had the opposite experience with browsers.  I used to use FF but it was getting very slow on most pages.  I was advised to switch to Chrome which worked for s few months until some site changes were made.  It would only load some pages on a main site on Windows 7 and none on Windows 10.


I ended up using Chrome for part of the site and FF for the rest on the older Windows 7 machine.  Fortunately, the site was changed again and now workds in Chrome and Windows 10.


Both Chrome and FF seem to gobble memory if allowed to sit idle for a while.





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This is a known issue for both Vispero as well as Mozilla. Mozilla is definitely aware of these problems and I was able to assist them in filing one of the issue reports regarding these crashes. Some users are experiencing no problems when using JAWS and Firefox and I would love to know what's different with their machines. For me, I also experience noticeable performance issues during page loads. This is just one more reason why I stopped using Firefox and switched to a Chromium-based browser.

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On 11/25/2020 8:05 PM, Jim L wrote:

Heya folks,


Just recently went to Windows 10 and have found firefox crashing with that latest Jaws 2020 where it did not crash on my Windows 7 PC, anyone else having this issue?








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