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Bob Kennedy

I don't remember how current this is, but hereis what Zoom puts out.

PageUp: View previous 25 video stream in gallery view
PageDown: View next 25 video stream in gallery view
Alt: Turn on/off the option Always show meeting controls in General settings
Alt+F1: Switch to active speaker view in video meeting
Alt+F2: Switch to gallery video view in video meeting
Alt+F4: Close the current window
Alt+V: Start/stop video
Alt+A: Mute/unmute audio
Alt+M: Mute/unmute audio for everyone except host
Note: For the meeting host only
Alt+S: Launch share screen window and stop screen share
Note: Will only work when meeting control toolbar has focus
Alt+Shift+S: Start/stop new screen share
Note: Will only work when meeting control toolbar has focus
Alt+T: Pause or resume screen share
Note: Will only work when meeting control toolbar has focus
Alt+R: Start/stop local recording
Alt+C: Start/stop cloud recording
Alt+P: Pause or resume recording
Alt+N: Switch camera
Alt+F: Enter or exit full screen
Alt+H: Display/hide in-meeting chat panel
Alt+U:Display/hide participants panel
Alt+I: Open invite window
Alt+Y: Raise/lower hand
Alt+Shift+R: Gain remote control
Alt+Shift+G: Stop remote control
Ctrl+2: Read active speaker name
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H: Show/hide floating meeting controls
Alt+Shift+T: Screenshot
Switch to Portrait/Landscape View: Alt+L
Ctrl+W: Close current chat session
Ctrl+Up: Go to previous chat
Ctrl+Down: Go to next chat
Ctrl+T: Jump to chat with someone
Ctrl+F: Search
Ctrl+Tab: Move to the next tab (right)
Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Move to the previous tab (left)
Ctrl+Shift+P: Call highlighted phone number.
Ctrl+Shift+A: Accept inbound call.
Ctrl+Shift+E: End current call.
Ctrl+Shift+D: Decline inbound call.
Ctrl+Shift+M: Mute/unmute mic.
Ctrl+Shift+H: Hold/unhold call.
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Jonathan Mosen also has a free audio tutorial on using a screen reader.


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Any way of your printing page 7 and sending it through to me? I can only print out a whole document which is a bit of a nuisance particularly when I am just out of paper.


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I found this by logging into Zoom on the web and searching for keyboard commands:

Hot keys and keyboard shortcuts – Zoom Help Center





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Where can I find a list of Zoom keyboard commands?



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