moderated Re: Jaws and firefox

JM Casey

It was crashing a bit a couple of Firefox versions back, but for me, it seems prettys table now. It still loads pages slower and is generally less “snappy” than chrome, but Chrome tends to crash if I leave the window for a good amount of time and then return to it – Chrome is comletely unresponsive. This seems *fairly8 consistent actually. Firefox is just a bit off a slow browser it seems, but it’s pretty dependable for me on my Windows 10 machine running JAWS 2018 and NVDA 2020.2. There are definite advantages to using both though. I’m certainly using Chrome more than I used to.



From: <> On Behalf Of Jim L
Sent: November 25, 2020 08:05 PM
Subject: Jaws and firefox


Heya folks,


Just recently went to Windows 10 and have found firefox crashing with that latest Jaws 2020 where it did not crash on my Windows 7 PC, anyone else having this issue?







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