moderated Re: Jaws and the bubble screen saver

Lee Anne Atkinson

Hypervigilant Jim,


I am running the latest version of Windows and JAWS 21.  I have been using the bubble screen saver for years and not had any problems.  Have you tried a different screen saver? 




Lee Anne


From: [] On Behalf Of Jim L
Sent: Thursday, November 26, 2020 4:19 AM
Subject: Jaws and the bubble screen saver


Heya folks,


In Windows 7 I was noticing the bubble screen saver crashing ocassionally and thought it was my 7 having issues but its funny have now Windows 10 installed on a new hardrive and same computer and bubble screen saver is still playing up, I noticed it works well with NVDA so it seems the latest couple of Jaws 2020 updates is the cause, anyone else having an issue with bubble?






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