moderated Re: Tutorials on Creating Accessible MS-Word Fillable Forms Plus Examples of Those Forms



          I cannot explain, in any meaningful detail, something I've never done using an unknown piece of software.  The principles of creating fillable forms really don't change all that much, it's the mechanics in the editing software being used.  There are a very great many PDF editors out there, and it's impossible for anyone to get specific unless they know which one is being used, and actually have experience using that software to create fillable PDF forms.  Here's a WikiHow page on using a previous version of Adobe Acrobat to create fillable forms: 

          There are almost certain to be web resources for any given PDF Editor with regard to fillable forms with a search on "fillable form" coupled with the name of the software being used to create one.


           See this page at Adobe in relation to your earlier commentary about having "scan and create form" software.  It appears that Adobe already has it, though it's not free: 

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