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Adrian Spratt

This is understandably confusing. With Edge and Chrome, and as I recall with IE (but I'm not completely sure), use F3 by itself to repeat a search after using the JAWS insert-f find command. The same is true for Outlook messages. However, it is necessary to combine the JAWS key with F3 when repeating a search on a Word document.

I've just tested all those commands before posting. I can't speak for Firefox or other email programs. I didn't test a PDF file.

It's a shame JAWS had to make an exception for Word, causing all this confusion, but F3 has an independent function in that application.

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If you use insert-ctrl-f fo r find, then I think you have to use
insert-f3 for find next.

good luck.
At 12:53 PM 11/25/2020, you wrote:
OK I use the insert control f to find something on a web page and it
works as it should. What is the find next command? I thought it was
f3 or control f3 but neither seems to work.

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