Re: Turning off autobulleting and autonumbering in Outlook 2010

Tom Behler

David and all:

I tried these steps, and the relevant options still appeared to be "grayed out".

But, here's the good news:

I got into a blank message, and tried making a list of numbered and bulletted items, and the auto-formatting did not happen.

So, perhaps it was turned off to begin with.

I'm going to now assume this is true, and continue on with my efforts to customize the program to my other preferences.

Tom from Michigan

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Hello there;
Try the following;

1, while in outlook2010,
Up arrow and enter on options.

2, down arrow you will see/hear;

3, use the tab key, and enter on editor options.

4, you will see proofing, and advanced when you use the arrow keys,
Highlight advanced,
Now use the tab key, you will find the checkbox your looking for.

Hope this helps.

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Subject: Turning off autobulleting and autonumbering in Outlook 2010

Hello, everyone.

I am working with Outlook 2010 here, and would like to turn off
auto-bulleting and auto-numbering in the auto format property sheet under
the proofing category
in the editor's options window.
However, I can't find the property sheet, and my sighted wife says that the
property sheet and all of the options associated with it are grayed
out--meaning you can't do anything with them.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Tom Behler from Michigan

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