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Tom Behler


I tried what you suggested, but when I hit enter on Windows Live Essentials, I get a low warning beep, and the laptop goes into some sort of Jaws key describer mode. I wonder if this is because it is a University-owned laptop, and I don't have total administrative priveleges with which to make the needed change.

Tom from Michigan

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Hi Tom!

You have to remove Windows Live Mail via Windows Live Esseintials in add/remove. Select remove and mark the programs you want to remove and hit continue.

OZ0TE Jacob
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Hello, everyone.

As you already may know, I have decided to scrap Windows Live Mail in favor
of Outlook 2010 as my e-mail management program on my Windows 7 laptop. I'm
fortunate, in that I have been able to get Outlook 2010 from the University
free of charge.

Anyway, since I'm no longer going to be using Windows Live Mail, I thought
it would be wise to un-install it from this computer. However, when I go to
add-remove programs, I cannot find Windows Live Mail on the list of programs
that can be removed.

Am I missing a step here?


Tom Behler

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