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Do you have one for accessible pdfs, and fillable pdsf?





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Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2020 12:13 PM
Subject: Tutorials on Creating Accessible MS-Word Fillable Forms Plus Examples of Those Forms


In response to a recent set of questions about accessible, fillable forms in MS-Word I did a major rewrite of my tutorial about same, using Word 2016 for the screenshots, keyboard shortcuts, etc., to bring it entirely up to date (as nothing has changed from 2016 through Office 365 in this respect). I thought it might be of interest to some of the readers of the JAWS group.  I tried to make the tutorial on creating them accessible as well.  Screenshots have alt-text and I've tried to include all of the keyboard shortcuts for actually creating the legacy form content controls and adding the help text to them so that a screen reader announces what you've landed on and, if you hit F1, give additional details when that's necessary (or just repeat what you have focus on at the moment if you walked away or otherwise got distracted and need to refresh your memory).  The target audience is really sighted individuals, most of whom have never even attempted to make a fillable form, and if they have, they've almost certainly not bothered to add the help text to the various form fields, and that's the part that actually makes these things accessible.

Microsoft Word Accessible Fillable Forms Tutorials

Creating Accessible Microsoft Word Fillable Forms.docx

Converting a Fillable Word Form to a Document Whose Contents Can Be Copied or Edited.docx

Examples of MS-Word Accessible Fillable Forms

            Simple_Fillable_Form.dotx  (the one used in the tutorial on creating them)

            BusNoteForm.dotx  (actually used in a local school, but anonymized; has a date field automatically populated with today's date when form is used)




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