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Don Mauck

Well, I’m getting a bit confused myself. It seems that I do get different results with CTRL1 or 2. As I look at my version of Slack, Slack Version 4.11.2, I feel like Slack works differently.

I’m finding that the long list of keystrokes, (CTRL+/, have no consistency. I’m determined to learn Slack since it appears that now, everyone insists in using this very ugly product.

Are there Slack users? I’ve bee looking for some kind of Slack  accessibility list but what used to be available is no longer valid.





Don Mauck | Senior Accessibility Evangelist | Accessibility Program Office |  (APO)





From: Mark <mweiler@...>
Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2020 3:28 PM
Subject: Re: Slack and application mode


It's a little promising but still not like before. What does CTRL+ 1 do in JAWS?  I tried looking it up in keyboard help but it didn't say anything.
In Slack, CTRL + 1 is a shortcut for changing to a workspace.

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