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Cohn, Jonathan

we'll  besides the virus the other reason known very secure sites might be marked insecure is if your clock is off on your computer by more than 5 minutes. Usually, Windows 7 uses NTP to set the clock ,within a 100th of a second but check the time anyway. 

On Nov 24, 2020, at 12:04 AM, Deb and the girls <debsoundandscent@...> wrote:

I have a laptop with windows 7, jaws 2021, and have downloaded google chrome and Microsoft edge.  I selected chrome as my browser because I can’t seem to get edge to work just right for some reason.

Recently, since installing jaws 20221 and deleting jaws 18 19 and 20, I have been having difficulties.  Chrome seems to work sluggishly, not at all, or oddly.

Even when I have good internet connection, sometimes when I select chrome it will not populate.  I have to go back and select it 3 or four times before it finally takes off.  Then, at times, I will be on a web page or in a program doing something important like buying something, and it throws me out for no reason.


At other times, it says it can not find a page that I know is there and goes into this thing about secure and unsecure sites.  These have been secure well-known sites like amazon so why does it do that? 

Finally, I have chrome save some of my passwords.  Anyway, while I am trying to read an article or pay a bill or something, or write a birthday wish on facebook, parts of words from sites I have visited appear over and over.  I have to press escape escape to get rid of them  sometimes several times.  I see the words change password appear  in the middle of an article about health.  It is just weird, all this stuff which I have not saved bleeding into completely unrelated tasks and places.  So, is it jaws or chrome or google or windows seven or what?  Why would installing jaws 2021 suddenly make these problems worse?  I would just like some understandable answers.  Whenever you try to talk to freedom scientific, they act like they do not know what you are talking about or that they don’t handle those kinds of questions, etc.  So give me some opinions please!  Should I ditch chrome? What would you advise?         ;

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