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Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, Ron. One thing you might try is the following. It has worked for some

1. put the following line into your clipboard, and run it with Windows key
plus R

%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

2. Find a JAWS shortcut to the version of JAWS which you are running on your
desktop, and copy it into the directory which came up after running the
above command.

Some years ago, someone also gave a sequence for moving JAWS farther up in
the startup sequence, although I do not now have this sequence of commands.
Maybe someone on this list still has it, and could repost it. One of these
two procedures just may cause JAWS to start before signin.

Bill White

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Subject: Asking a jaws 2021 question.

Hello to my fellow jaws subscribers.
I thought I had made sure that jaws 21 fires up at the log in screen.
I've doubled checked and here's what I have checked:
Start jaws at the log on screen, checked.
Start jaws after long on for all users checked.
Start jaws after the long on for this user and I also have the following
checked in the dialog box, using the all users settings.
So, what shouldn't be checked?
But for some weird reason when I fire up the pc in the mornings, I need to
go to NVDA or Narrator then type in my unlock code to access my pc.
So, what do I have checked off that shouldn't be checked please?
Many Thanks.

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