moderated Strange Zoom Volume Issue

Tom Behler

Hello, everyone.


Recently, I have been doing some online teaching via Zoom, and have noticed a very strange issue with my microphone volume.


For these meetings, I use a headset with an attached microphone.  I have experienced this issue with two different headsets.  Both headsets are connected via a USB port.


My issue is that when I’m teaching, my microphone suddenly looses volume for no apparent reason.


I can’t identify a consistent pattern to these failures, but I’m told my volume suddenly disappears to the point that my audio is unintelligible.


Has anyone else had this issue in Zoom meetings, and if so, how did you solve it?


Is there something I can do to keep my volume levels more stable?


I’m using Jaws 2021 here on a Windows 10 PC.  I also put Jaws in Speech On Demand mode as I’m conducting my classes, because they involve screen sharing, and I want to minimize Jaws speech when I’m navigating the screen.  Fortunately, I have a HIMS Polaris Notetaker that I can use as a Braille display.


Thanks for any help!


Tom Behler



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