moderated Jaws & Excel column navigational key stroke problem

Shan Noyes

Hi all!


I’ve got a column of numbers in excel I’ve sorted them and some of  the numbers appear in numerous rows.  What I want to do is have the focus jump down to the next different number in the column.


I asked this question in September and got an answer.  But my notes are messed up,


So reaching out again for help.


The instruction I have are:

Ok, hold down the control and shift. Do not let go of theese 2 keys. Now while holding down these keys, hit down arrow, do not hold down the down arrow, just press it. wait a second, then hit the backspace key. The backspace key is normally above the enter key.



The person who had the answer was a Chris Block


So it would be greatly appreciated if you could write me directly because maybe it’s a timing issue.



Shan Noyes

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