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Richard Turner

The first time you use Research It with Insert+spacebar then r, it will say that a feature needs to be installed. Hit yes to install.
Once tha tis done, when you press Insert+spacebar, then r, you will be in an edit field.
If you tab once, you will be in the list of sources available.
Arrow down to the one you want, and then shift+tab back and type your search term, or of course, type your search term, then tab into the list and pick the one you want.
Apparently, in the settings, you can set one of them as the primary, but I have not explored that.

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I just tried This, and here’s what you need to do. According to JAWS speech history on "research it", You need to install something. However, the history doesn't say what Yet, after you install the program/application, "research it" should work as normal ... Mine does.
Hope this helps,
Ashleigh P
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Is anyone else finding their Research It isn't functioning over the
past few days?

It so happens that when I received notice that JAWS 2021 was now
available for download and that my SMAes had run out, so I needed to
pay again and upon my deciding to wait until after the New Year's to
do so my Research It function has failed. Is this due to my not
renewing, or to something else entirely different?




Los Cerros

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