moderated Re: My documents have mysteriously inverted

Shirley Tracy

Thanks Ann. Easy trick. I got it straight again.



Shirley Tracy


From: Ann Byrne
Sent: Monday, November 23, 2020 11:59 AM
Subject: Re: My documents have mysteriously inverted


An easy way is when you are in the list of

documents, tab once.  It will say 'name, split

button'.  Press enter and the docs will turn

themselves right-side-up again.  Do it a second

time and the list will flip over the other way.

At 09:16 AM 11/23/2020, you wrote:


>Good morning:

>I don’t know how this happened, but please

>help! I can’t get my list of folders and

>documents to turn back to listing from A-Z

>instead of Z-A. I know how to fix the desktop

>when that happens, but not file explorer.

>Everything was fine last night when I shut down.

>Today, poof! They’re in reverse alphabetic order.

>Thanks for any help.

>Shirley Tracy







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