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Yes. For example, Go to JAWS Settings Center with JAWS key plus six on the numbers row.
1. Put the words virtual ribbon into the search box.
2. When you see Virtual Ribbon, press the TAB key, and you will hear the following if you use the up and down arrows to read,

Select this check box to turn on the Virtual Ribbon Menu. When it is on, the Ribbon is organized and navigated using a traditional menu and submenu format. This is true for any application that uses Ribbon menus. This makes it easy to navigate using ARROW keys or first letter navigation. This option is only available when Default settings are selected in the Application combo box. It is unavailable for other application specific files that are loaded. This check box is cleared by default.

Bill White

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Is there a way to search for the definitions of the various settings in
Jaws 2021? For example what is the virtjual ribbon

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