moderated Jaws2020 New notification question

O.Addison Gethers

Hi All I have jaws2020  and desktop and laptop computer Window10 !! When I opens google chrome  browser  on desktop  computer and go on  or  website  whenever someone post or send me a message  I have been hearing google announced  saying google chrome new notification  Walton Jones comment on my post  when I close out google chrome browser  I went on desktop by pressing window key + m  I heard it’s say new notification  on desktop computer  then the same things on Laptop computer too. Does anybody know why it’s saying new notification everytime I opened google chrome browser ?


Also when I opened firefox browser  to go on any website  including facebook  then when I close out firefox browser  then press window key +  m to desktop  I hear jaws say new notification  too. Why is 2 browser saying new notification  everytime  on desktop after closing both browser?


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