moderated Re: problem with jaws 2021 sending email with gmail - ms edge

Shan Noyes

The one suggestion I might make would be try it with the interface with a different browser it might help you out not sure though because I don’t use Gmail that way but I do know that from experience different browsers do react differently to HTML document when you’re working with things like jaws and NVDA Have a good day Shan

On Nov 21, 2020, at 11:16 AM, Jim Ruby <> wrote:

Hi, Since upgrading from jaws 2020 to jaws 2021 wen replying to email
jaws don't behave like it did in 2020.

when I finish a reply and click send jaws does not update and I still
see my message in the edit field and I can not click on any links, it
does nothing.


open gmail
use the html view
click on a message
go down to the reply edit field and enter a message and click send

At this point jaws breaks or at least is no longer responding like it
did in 2020

In jaws 2020

you would hear message sent and the reply edit field would be empty
and you could go down and click the link to return the the mail box
you were working in such as in box.

If I go back to jaws 2020 it works as expected.

Anyone else noticing this?

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