moderated Re: Forms mode: your preferences

Cohn, Jonathan

I really  dislike automatic, too many times, I have found that automatic turns off forms mode when I don't want it too. Either because I moved passed the end of what I was inputting, or because Javascript code changed something in the input area and forms mode flipped out. I usually, use semi-automatic except in places where I have overridden it with manual. The hardest part about manual forms mode is that if you let somebody else use your computer, they have the hardest time with the fact that when you click on an input field, and then type aa character it is grabbed by the Virtual Cursor and JAWS moves somewhere else.

On Nov 20, 2020, at 20:57, Mark <mweiler@...> wrote:

When it comes to forms mode, what are your preferences for settings: manual, automatic, semi-automatic? And any particular reasons for your preference? Mine is set to automatic but I'm now wondering if there might be something better.  I'd like to hear others have to say, while I experiment.

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