moderated Re: having trouble with links

Shirley Tracy

Hi Jim,


That’s part of my problem. I’m using Gmail through MS Mail with JAWS 2021. Someone else suggested clicking on the first or second letter of the link, and it does help in most cases. Funny, sometimes a link will work and sometimes the same link will not work. I have also learned to wait a bit after I enter the link. Apparently, it sometimes takes a while for it to work. I have often been impatient.


Shirley Tracy


From: Jim Ruby
Sent: Saturday, November 21, 2020 5:28 AM
Subject: Re: having trouble with links


Hi, I am having the same problem on gmail. I If I type my email and just press enter on the send button the email will send, but jaws will not update so it looks like the email is not sent, but if I move the cursor to the second or third letter on the button it works. however if I continue to scroll down and try and hit the link to go back to the mail box I am working in I can never get that to work. I'm using gmail in html with ms edge with latest jaws 2021.



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