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Jim Weiss <jimweiss72@...>

Office 2019 is a one time purchase, but keep in mind that at some point in time Microsoft is going to stop offering updates for that when the next version comes out. With office 365 you continue to receive all the updates, so you’re currently running the most up-to-date code.

On Nov 21, 2020, at 9:48 AM, Mark Arnold ABG <markarnold.abg@...> wrote:

My reason for asking was subscription versus purchasing a one time license. I would like to avoid the subscription fee for office 365. Is office 2019 available for a one time purchase price or is it a subscription as well? Thanks, Mark

On Nov 21, 2020, at 9:29 AM, Edward Green <ergreen1981@...> wrote:

Hi Mark,
If you
buy Office
you also get access to Office
2019 for as long as you
subscribe, so it needn’t be
an either or.


On 21 November 2020 13:56:06 "Mark Arnold ABG" <markarnold.abg@...> wrote:



I am considering purchasing one of the two programs.  From a JFW accessibility position, are there any pros and cons between the 2019 and 365 programs?





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