moderated Re: am I losing my mind or is we coding really that different by browser?



          If they're really fussy about USB drives, then ask you IT department to make a USB drive with a portable copy of NVDA on it for your use.  They can contact NVAccess, if needed, if they have any concerns about NVDA in your environment.  It's definitely used in business settings, and any screen reader user, no matter what their favorite and/or primary screen reader may be, needs to have a secondary that they can use in a pinch, and where only knowledge of the "most commonly used by me" commands is really needed.

           It's a blessing that pretty much all the screen readers have converged around a reasonably "standard" set of commands, and since JAWS came first it is the model that all others followed, and as far as command structure goes, emulated, sometimes very closely for many functions.

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