moderated Re: am I losing my mind or is we coding really that different by browser?


On Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 05:29 PM, JM Casey wrote:
I’m almost positive my old workplace was still using iE exclusively until the new Edge came out.
Oh, that certainly did exist and still exists.  But nothing I've said should be interpreted to apply to instances where use of a given piece of software, whatever it may be, is forced by circumstances beyond a given individual's control.

They're about what you have the ability to choose to do, or not do.  Lots of us get stuck with what anyone would characterize as a suboptimal situation because we don't have any choice.

Your observation about the insanity of ignoring the warnings from Microsoft as an entity and security experts is correct.  Ignoring can be very accurately characterized as crazy.  But, again, if you've got no choice in your workplace or other setting you deal with what you're forced to deal with.  When that's not the case, follow the subject matter experts' recommendations.

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