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A lot of large corporations use IE and DOS based programs bedcuase it is just too expensive to change them. You see so many blind people using IE because like mentioned they find it is the only option at times and calling that BS and putting it on us to force change is not helpful. Granted it is less frequent now but there is still a need for it at times. Condescension is not helpful either.

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Even with all this being true, though, I’m almost positive my old workplace was still using iE exclusively until the new Edge came out. Hopefully they’ve switched over now. But I guess some of their web applications were coded specifically for iE, so an option of using something else wasn’t even on the table. I stopped working there in 2017, but there was absolutely no sign of a change on the horizon at that time (and I was in the IT department). Experts were already telling everyone not to use IE then, and every serious web developer spurned it, yet I heard many accounts of other workplaces (especially in the public sector, I think) where no other browsers were allowed/in use. Crazy.




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On Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 03:21 PM, Randy Barnett wrote:

As always you are not getting that we often don't have a choice.

And, as always, you feel free to mischaracterize what I'm saying with your own spin.  Have at it.

Anyone with 2 firing neurons discourages the use of IE unless you absolutely, positively cannot use another option, and never where security is a concern.

It's got nothing to do with sighted help being needed.  And the fact that IE use, and heavy use of IE, still comes up all the time on blind-related technology groups means that word needs to get out, in no uncertain terms, that this is a very, very bad idea.  And it's a very, very bad idea if you're sighted or blind.  There are many things that are completely unconnected to visual status, and it's long past time you try to make the majority of what I say have a tie to something it does not.

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