Moderated Re: OT - Are there any user groups for blind audiophiles?

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Well, If you think audio is only properly reproduced through specialized components and very sophisticated speakers and are willing to build them yourself or spend a lot of money for them then you are a audiophile.

There are tons of audio forums on the net and I don't know if a blind specific one would get much traffic. you can e-mail me privately and we could talk. I have build cross overs and speaker systems for years and am getting back into it again with a dual 18" sub woofer build and a single 21" sub build. Basically large subs that you wont find in any box store or most brick and mortar stereo shops. At least not for several time the cost.

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What is an audiophile?



Please advise as you like.


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I am an audiophile.  I was wondering if there are any user groups or list servers for blind audiophiles?




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