moderated Jaws2020 Task manager question

O.Addison Gethers

Hi All I have jaws2020  and desktop computer Window10  !! When I press ctrl + shift + esc  to task manager   when task manager window page opens then I arrow down through the items  when I hear it’s say application for jaws  closed ,google chrome  closed ,firefox closed,microsoft edge closed and microsoft outlook closed  and others closed  !! Does task manager supposed to have all the items saying closed ? Because  when I was using google chrome  with  have the page opens for about 15 or 30 minute  later when I come back on computer  I was on google chrome  page with I press F5 to fresh the page somehow  it won’t fresh the page so I press alt  F4 to close out the page  it won’t close out the google chrome  so it got stuck  so I went to task manager  then I arrow down to google chrome closed  then I press tab key it say detail  then press tab key again it say task  button I press enter  then I press alt –F4 to close out task manager  then it was on google chrome profile  I press alt – F4 to close out the page but it won’t close out google chrome  !! Does anyone have any idea what I can do to task manager to say google chrome  without saying close ? Do anyone of you went you go to task manager  ,does all of your items say close ?



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