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Douglas C. DeCamp


I have this happen to me on rare occasions.  I have pretty much determined it occurs when my real memory gets a bit short.  If I re-boot it goes away.  Like I said, this is really rare for me, but if it occurred more often I probably would change my memory settings. In my case, I believe it occurs because of the way I set my real / virtual memory.

When it happens I use the Win key + tab to find the pgm I want.

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Sent: Friday, November 20, 2020 12:06 AM
Subject: switching to running programs


I have a slight problem. If I have more than 2 programs running and I try to switch to the 3rd or 4th program with alt, tab I can only switch to the first 2  programs that are  running. Using insert F10 I can see all 4 running programs and switch to the one I want to use. Makes it difficult when I am paying bills and have running the bank, Jaws and my bills paid document. Every time I switch to see what and how much the net  bill is I have tuse insert F10 to switch to the bills paid document. Never was this way till Jaws 2021. How do I get back to where I can alt tab to all the open programs.  Thanks Tom

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