moderated Re: Jaws and web tables

Ann Byrne

Alt-ctrl_5 reads the current cell, not the table.
Ctrl-Windows-comma reads the column.
Ctrl-windows-period reads the row.
Alt-ctrl and the arrow keys move from cell to cell--right, left, up, and down.
Alt-ctrl-end reads the last cell.
Alt-ctrl-home reads the first cell.
Alt-end reads the last cell in the row.
Alt-home reads the first cell in the row.

At 02:08 PM 11/19/2020, you wrote:
OK I have a web page that has a table I am trying to read. It says in the Jaws documentation that control alt numpad 5 is supposed to read the table info. I find it does not. All I want is to be read the entire table of info using Jaws 2021 on a Win 10 20h2 system with either Google chrome or Edge.

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