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Ken Chernack

Hi. I just realized that I had not changed the subject line in my email.
Sorry if it caused some confusion
I am talking about Jaws 2021 and virus software.

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Subject: More on JAWS 2020 and virus software

Hi again.
I have talked to Microsoft Accessibility, Norton Help and 2 levels of
Freedom Scientific/Jaws Support and I was told by ALL of them that there has
been no reported issues/problems with Jaws2021 and many anti-virus (Norton,
McAfee...) working together.

Will the original writer of the post that said there were issues please
reply to the list with more facts.

At this time, I can only come to the conclusion that we could be dealing
with another hoax (albeit technical).

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

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Subject: Re: JAWS 2020 and virus software

Will you please explain a little more about your comments?
I use Norton Security for security, password management and more.
I just can't forget about Norton and install Defender.
I have a lifetime of work at stake.

Is anyone at The Sparrow engaged with Norton to correct this bug?

Please lower my blood pressure!
Your, and others, help is appreciated.
p.s. If there is any truth to your statements, I am very happy that I have
been ignoring the upgrade message I am a SMA subscriber.

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Subject: JAWS 2020 and virus software

Hi for people who are having issues with JAWS 2021 and virus software such
as Norton and Mcaffee, there is a solution to this problem!

Apparently, from what I'm reading in the thread, the virus programs are
treating JAWS like it's a Trojan ,malware or a virus. The software removes

Once they are removed, enable Windows defender and this should solve the

Hope this helps.

Sent from my Windows 10 HP

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