moderated Re: outlook and braille

Debby Hill

Hi Gery,


While in Outlook press JAWS key + 6 on the number row. You will come into a search field.


Type the word braille.


Then without pressing enter arrow down until you come to the choice that has to do with braille mode. Press the spacebar until you are on “structured mode.”


Then tab until you get to “apply” and press enter.


Then tab to “ok” and press enter.


You should be in structured mode and be able to read in Outlook. I hope that helps!


Take care and stay safe!




From: <> On Behalf Of Gery Gaubert
Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2020 2:33 PM
Subject: outlook and braille


I have a pacmate braille display and a humanware brailiant display and no braille in outlook either.  Where do I go to change outlook to structured mode?

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