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Milton Ota



My suggestion to you is to upgrade your Office Suite to either Microsoft 365 or Office 2019. Best thing is to follow some of the discussion on this list for the differences.


JAWS 2021 in its final release last week is optomised for either the Office Suite 2019 or Microsoft 365.


Also, hopefully you are running Windows 10.



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Subject: Excel 2007




I have a new Lenovo laptop that I installed an older version of Microsoft Office 2007 Classic.  I am currently running JFW 2021.  When trying to use Excel, JAWS does not read cell contents or it will simply read one specific cell.  As I navigate to other cells, JAWS will not read them.  A sighted user informed me that they can see that I am indeed moving to different cells but JAWS does not read them.  Hope all of that rambling made sense…  Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,



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