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Richard Turner

I do not have an answer about the newspaper panels, but it sounds like Vispero has reached the point of requiring folks to use Fusion which is Jaws plus ZoomText, rather than continuing Magic support. Of course, you will have to ask Vispero to be sure.

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On Nov 19, 2020, at 6:41 AM, Stan Holdeman <sholdeman@...> wrote:

Good morning all: I was very surprised when I first tried to load Magic with jaws 2021. A voice said something like—Sorry, Magic is not compatible with J2021. You must use J2020 or before. Ouch!


So this my main problem. In the E edition of my local newspaper I could read the story panels only with Magic running and I would pull the mouse pointer to the story panel and jaws would read the contents of that story panel. I could read those story panels in no other way.


I feel certain there is a way to get Jaws to read these panels without Magic running. Any ideas?





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