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Mike B.

Morning Mike,
I've never used a bluetooth speaker but, I'm assuming that this speaker is being seen as a soundcard by your computer.  When you assign Jaws to use the Realtek that means that the bluetooth speaker is the Windows default sounccard and all other sounds will come through the bluetooth speaker.
So, when you switch speech profiles now all sounds, including Jaws, is switching over to the Windows default soundcard, which is the bluetooth speaker.  Look in your soundcard setttings to see if Jaws can be asigned to run via the Realtek soundcard while in the Microsoft Mobile profile.

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Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2020 4:48 AM
Subject: different speech profiles coming out of different sound cards

Hi guys:


I write to inquire about a unique nuance regarding speech profiles and sound cards within jaws.


I currently have a Bluetooth speaker hooked up to my computer.

I set jaws to come out the real tech sound card, and all other sounds come out the Bluetooth speaker.


Here’s the deal,

When I set my speech profile with ctrl + insert +s to eloquence, jaws comes out the real tech card as I originally desired; however,

If I set the speech profile to Microsoft mobile using ctrl +insert +s it comes out the Bluetooth speaker.


Please keep in mind, I don’t think it is so much a hinderance, but rather,

A feature that I don’t know how to control.


Any ideas?

It would be a great feature if I knew how to control it.

When I looked within the speech profiles under voice adjust, and,

I look under Microsoft mobile profile,

There is no setting that says:

“for this profile, use this sound card.”.


Please advise as you like.


Mike M.


Mike mcglashon

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