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If memory serves, and that could be a big if, let's say you have a SMA through 2023.
You decide to skip 2024 and want to get a full license for 2025 and 26, you have to still pay for 2024.
I still like the SMA approach, but at some point, I may decide to switch if the annual purchase stays at $90 per year because by 2024, that will be more cost effective.
But, not even the Shadow knows if that price will stay the same ....

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If you switch to the subscription license of JAWS, that is a non-perpetual license that must be purchased and renewed every year. You can still purchase a full license with an SMA and get a perpetual license for that version of JAWS and use it for as long as you like. It won't expire whether you choose to keep purchasing an SMA or not. As Windows continues to be updated and your various programs such as Office 365 continue to be updated, how effective the older version of JAWS will remain might be an issue.

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The same is true if your SMA runs out, according to a rep at Vispero. I had the 20 version, if I did not renew my SMA because it had run out, I could still use JAWS 20. The kicker is though, from what I can remember, if in a few years 20 was out of date as in not working properly because of the upgrades in technology, I'd have to pay for each succeeding upgrade. Others can refute that if they want. I don't know everything and don't mind being corrected. Providing of course the person has factual info, not their own idea. "You should ... it could ..." Yes, I did renew my SMA at $165 and do have the 21.

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When your subscription runs out you no longer have access for that version of JAWS. If you have the SMA you keep those version as long as you wish to use them.
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Subject: Jaws annual subscription

OK I have a full licensed copy of Jaws home edition and have been keeping it up to date with a SMA. Lets say I don't purchase another SMA but go for the annual $90 subscription. What happens at the end of that subscription if I don't purchase another subscription? Do I lose the use of what was a full license copy?

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