moderated Re: JFW2021 getting stuck in a Word Document

Pat Byrne

I have experienced the same problem. Oddly, sometimes I can read headings and bulleted items okay, and other times not so. I had planned to try an older version of JAWS but haven't gottn there yet.
Glad I'm not the only one seeing this.
Pat ByrneAt 03:24 PM 11/17/2020, you wrote:

I was recently trying to read a Word Document with headers and lots of bulleted statements using the latest JAWS 2021 and when I pressed Insert Down Arrow to read the document, JAWS gets stuck when reading a heading or a statement with a bullet. It will continue to repeat the line until I press the Down Arrow. I then restart the reading and all goes fine until the next heading when JAWS would start reading the heading line over and over again. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? I was able to finish reading this document by using JAWS 2019.

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