moderated Jaws2020 Task manager question

O.Addison Gethers

Hi All  When I have google chrome  with  opens  and firefox  too. When one of the browser window won’t closed out I press alt + f4 when I press insert key + t for title  it’s say google chrome  friends then I press alt +f4  to closed it out however it won’t closed it  so when I press ctrl + shift +esc  again then I have try to task firefox and microsoft outlook  it won’t task and closed out it so I had to restart the computer .

What can I do to fix the task manager to get close out of firefox,google chrome and microsoft outlook  ?

Addison    so I try to press alt + f4 again  it won’t closed out  so it stuck  so I press ctrl + shift + esc  task manager   I’m on the taskmanager window page  it’s say

Task Manager

File Options View

Processes Performance App history Startup Users Details Services

 34% 93% 19% 0%

Name Status CPU Memory Disk Network P

Apps (5) graphic 507 Application file for JAWS (2) 9.5% 32.8 MB 0.1 MB/s 0 Mbps

Firefox (6) 0.3% 241.9 MB 0 MB/s 0 Mbps graphic 22 Google Chrome (3) 0% 28.3 MB 0 MB/s 0 Mbps

Microsoft Office Outlook 0% 42.5 MB 0 MB/s 0 Mbps

Task Manager 10.9% 13.8 MB 0.1 MB/s 0 Mbps graphic 22 Background processes (51)

Adobe Acrobat Update Service 0% 0.2 MB 0 MB/s 0 Mbps graphic 22 Antimalware Service Executable 2.6% 171.2 MB 4.3 MB/s 0 Mbps

Application Frame Host 0% 0.9 MB 0 MB/s 0 Mbps graphic 22 COM Surrogate 0% 1.2 MB 0 MB/s 0 Mbps

COM Surrogate 0% 1.6 MB 0 MB/s 0 Mbps graphic 660 CTF Loader 0% 2.7 MB 0 MB/s 0 Mbps

Fewer details End task


When I arrow down to google chrome  it’s say close  so I try to right arrow to open but it won’t go to open at all  !! So I press tab key it say detailed  then I press tab  again it say task button  so I press enter then I press alt + f4 to closed out task manager window  then I’m still on google chrome page with  on

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