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James English

What are these lists? I've been looking for a general blindness list for a while

On 11/17/20, Dale Heltzer <deheltzer@msn.com> wrote:
C'mon y'all, we get a reminder on the first of each month what the list
rules are... one of which is:

2: Stay on topic. We're a JFW-oriented list. That said, anything related to
JFW, its functionality with programs etc is acceptable. If it doesn't have
to do with JFW, it doesn't belong on the list. This includes, but isn't
limited to, talk of other screen readers such as Window Eyes.

I would also add, as an admonition, that advising anyone to simply hit the
Delete key shows disrespect for fellow list members.
There are other lists on which this material *would be appropriate. Many of
us subscribe to such lists and don't appreciate the cross-posting when said
posting is outside the purview of a given list.

And now, I wish you all well.
Be safe

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Subject: Re: Warning, political article link included, concerning Social
Security for people with a disability

And there are people on this list, from outside of America, who are not in
the least interested in what goes on politically over there.
On 17/11/2020 9:07 pm, Michael Mote wrote:
This article has no business on this list. If a republican would have posted
something pro Trump, everybody would be up in arms over it, but this was
allowed. Doesn't seem fair to me.
Political opinions have no place here. Just my two cents. Let's stick to the
reason for this list, and keep our political opinions to ourselves or at
least on lists besides this one.

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Subject: Warning, political article link included, concerning Social
Security for people with a disability

If you are receiving Social Security for a Disability, you may want to read

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