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Shan Noyes



One thing you might check out is the controls for the touch pad. 

On my laptop I have a touch pad and my sleeves some times causes the mouse to move around however, in my case the fix is quite simple.  If I tap twice on the upper left side it toggles the touch pad on and off.


Anyways, just a easy control feature if your laptop supports it. 


Have a good day.



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I actually keep my mouse on. I don’t ever even use the buttons to click when prompted. I usually don’t have any trouble with the mouse pad, unless I have long sleeves on. I keep the mouse on because I sometimes have someone who can see helping with the computer. I like the idea of having cardboard taped to the touchpad, though.


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I have had numerous laptops over the years and the “mouse” area always causes problems…  Often times I inadvertently touch the mouse area and JAWS loses focus.  Do most users turn off the mouse and connect an external mouse if sighted users want to utilize a mouse?  Any input would be appreciated…


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