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Ashleigh Piccinino

When you’re in the Word doc, do the following. Press your applications key, and press p. You might have to tab away from the paste group to get to paragraph settings. Of course, JAWS just says paragraph. Enter on that and tab to special. When you arrow down the first time to “open” this box, JAWS says nothing. However, another down arrow takes you to “first line.” That’s your indent on the paragraph. Of course, you must, if you’ve already written the document, select all of it from your first sentence/the one you wish to indent automatically. If you’ve not written the document, just follow the steps to get to the paragraph settings. Note that you have to press enter twice after selecting “first line.” Watch it though. As I’ve found, when doing headings—alt CTRL plus one for H1 in docs, the next line will automatically go to the left alinement. That’s not what you want, so press enter a couple times, check the font status with JAWS and f, and once your sure the current line is still at “first line at .5 inches” or whatever it says, then you can arrow up to the prior line to reset your heading. Hope this helps, and in the “by” box right another tab away from “first line” in paragraph, you can set your indent inches, so...
Ashleigh Piccinino 

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Hello, I’m using Jaws2020 and word 2016. I need to setup the entire file to indent the first line of each paragraph on its own. I went through the layout tab. I couldn’t find anything that would let me set the file to do it. Are there a string keys I can turn this on?





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