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            Help text is not printed because it is not visible.  As you know, you add it as part of a control, usually along with alt-text, but that only causes the screen reader to announce the alt-text when you land in the control, or if you hit F1 when sitting in a control.  For the sighted, the help text is also shown in the Word "window frame" at the bottom left side or, if they hit F1, as a pop-up.

             If you actually want what you have as help text for a given form control printed, then you need to add that as visible text to the form itself, usually delimiting it in a smaller point size, using a different color/font/etc., from the main form labels (which, by the way, generally correspond to the alt-text that is announced when you land in a control), and the actual font/point size used in the controls themselves.

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