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Jasmine Kotsay

Hi, Brian,


I have a form field question for you. I tried to create an accessible form on my own, but when I tried to print the form with the fields, the help text didn’t print. Do you have any ideas as to why this may be?





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            Definitely tell them that using Legacy Form Fields would be a big improvement from an accessibility angle.  Also, if blind students are expected to fill in this form independently, all of those tables that don't have legacy form controls (most likely text form fields) should have one created in each cell, with appropriate alt-text and help-text, so that they can be navigated and filled out with ease.

             Here are three examples of MS-Fillable Forms, with editing restricted to filling out fields only, that I have created for prior clients (the Bus Note was actually used in the school office, while the client intake was a "proof of concept" that never made it to completion because the person for whom it was being created dropped out of school).  The one for reporting an NVDA Bug was created to make it far easier for someone who cannot see to fill out the required bug report format without accidentally deleting some of the text markers that the developers use to quickly navigate the final bug report.




All three, if saved somewhere and double clicked, will open a blank version of the form with the form fields fillable/checkable as needed.  Because of how MS-Word handles text fields, you will not hear what you've typed in announced by the screen reader until you tab out of the form field and then shift+tab back in.  So, to review a form I generally suggest either doing it as soon as you finish with a text field, by shift-tabbing back in, or by filling out the whole form and then just quickly revisiting all the text fields afterward, as you will now hear whatever you do have in them when you initially land in them.


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