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Jasmine Kotsay

I, too, find Canvas to be extremely accessible! I have had issues with some things, but that is the way the teacher made the quizzes. I have never had any trouble sending messages.


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I use Canvas and never had issues with filling out evaluations or sending messages from the Dashboard. I find Canvas to be quite accessible in all my courses and quizzes. Sorry to hear you are having such a touch time. What online program are you using? I use Chrome.




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This is only partly true in my opinion.

  1. It seems impossible to get anything meaningful out of the Calendar page – even if using the recommended  Agenda view for accessibility. I don’t know if this is the fault of the Tutors but it is pretty baffling to interpret with a screenreader with only unattributed numbers being announced.
  2. 2. Ihave never found the Quizzes fully accessible. Check boxes are not announced in the version I have tried show it is impossible to tell what they relate to without sight.
  3. I have never on the courses I have been on been able to complete a session evaluation form. There seems no way to focus into an edit box for feedback with a screenreader.
  4. Similarly I have never been able to complete an end course evaluation for similar reasons. It seems impossible to focus into edit boxes in able to submit comments.
  5. Whilst it is relatively easy to respond to Tutor initiated discussion I have never been able to initiate messages. With the screenreaders I use at least this is an extremely clunky process where you have to assign message receivers from drop down buttons  which seem very hard to manage with a Screenreader. Whilst I can sometimes get into a list containing the names of students and course tutors I have found no way of selecting these so that I can actually send a message.
  6. There may be work arounds for all this but I have been using screenreaders since 1999 and I  certainly do not find these parts of the site straightforward or easy.

David G.

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Hello Paul,

Yes Canvas itself is accessible with JAWS2020. I have not tried it

with JAWS2021 yet so I can't comment there.



On 11/15/20, Paul Faucheux <pf112781@...> wrote:

> hi this is paul faucheux. is canvas accessible with jaws 2020 or 2021. i am

> going to be taking information communications  technology  courses at north

> shore technical community college. i previously went there from january 3

> 2008 to march 21 2011. during that time they used blackboard for course

> materials  and accessing assignments as well as submitting assignments

> please let me know  if it is accessible and if not what should i do or say

> to instructors and people at at the school. i will be taking the classes at

> there hammond louisiana campus. please email  me at pf112781@... or

> call me at 985-370-2072.





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