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I usually also turn it off it at all possible.


I acquired a Surface Pro 7 with a type cover, and, with that, you can go into settings with Windows+I, search for touch and arrow down to the option to turn on or off the touch pad.


Another thing with the type cover is that the fn key can be tapped by itself to toggle the f keys to either perform the multimedia and other special functions or to just be f keys.  No going into cmos to fix it.


Most of the time, though, I use an external USB keyboard at home, so it’s not a big deal.


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I have had numerous laptops over the years and the “mouse” area always causes problems…  Often times I inadvertently touch the mouse area and JAWS loses focus.  Do most users turn off the mouse and connect an external mouse if sighted users want to utilize a mouse?  Any input would be appreciated…


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