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Van Lant, Robin

I didn’t have to wait that long. I called at maybe 2:00 Eastern and waited maybe 5 minutes.



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Have you tried getting through to purchase a new SMA these days? I’m now on hold and have been for near past 30-minutes...


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That's true, but if FS wants to migrate all JAWS customers to the licensing arrangement, they will probably still keep the price of a two-year license ower than the price for a two-update SMA.  Almost all first-time JAWS users now purchase a license because it is far cheaper than purchasing JAWS outright for $1000 or more.  Another advantage of the license arrangement is that there is no activation code to deal with like with an SMA, which makes life easier for both FS and its customers. 





On 11/16/2020 1:42 PM, Loy wrote:

There is no garantee that the price of the annual home license edition won't go up as well.

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No, it's obvious what FS is trying to do.  They are deliberately making a two-upgrade SMA more expensive for $210 than a two-year license for $180,because they want to gradually migrate all JAWS customers to the licensing arrangement and eliminate the SMA arrangement altogether. Now that JAWS has reached a plateau and few new features can be expected in the future, many JAWS users may simply decide to let their SMA's lapse.  But by gradually switching them to the licensing arrangement, JAWS users will have to renew their licenses annually which would be more profitable for FS in the long run.






On 11/16/2020 12:33 PM, John Doering wrote:

Boy, that is a jump in price.  That should be for 2 upgrades.
After updating to 2021, I checked and JAWS indicates I have 1 more remaining upgrade.  Should that be reporting correctly or is there something to do to make sure that field in "About" is correct?
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Hi, Don. They told me the price of a new SMA after January 1 will be $210.00.
Bill White
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Well I used my last SMA to upgrade to 2021.  If I remember correctly I purchased my last SMA for $120 two years ago.  Now I am told that the cost will be $150 and that price is only good until Jan 1.  Don't know what the price will be after that.

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