moderated Can't write email messages using Thunderbird in Grade 2 braille


Hi folks,

I'm running latest Windows10 with Jaws2021 and Thunderbird as my default email client. I originally thought this was an Orbit Reader 20 Plus problem. But I just found out it happens when using an APH Refreshabraille 18 display as well. I have my braille settings set for input and  output of Grade 2 braille. When inputting text there is no problem. But when I press the Dot 8 to go to a new line, the display moves to the new line. However, the minute I start to type anything at all, the text is placed back at the top of my email messages. In essence, I'm writing the messages in reverse.

This also happened in Jaws2020.

I'm sorry I blamed my Orbit Reader for this issue. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, like maybe how to fix it?

Thanks for any advice,


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