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Dave Durber


There are many ways in Windows 10 to achieve what you are trying to accomplish. Below is the method I use to create a new shortcut for JAWS, should my existing JAWS shortcut should be deleted by me or, removed by Windows.

1. Highlight the line of text below and copy it to the Clipboard:

C:\Program Files\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\2018

This is the path statement, which will take you directly to the folder where the JAWS.EXE file for JAWS 18 is located.

2. Press WINDOWS KEY+R, to open the "Run" dialogue box. In the edit field, paste the text from the Clipboard, and press ENTER. Windows opens the new location. JAWS will speak the entire path statement to where the jfw.exe, is located.

3. Type"jfw" (without the quotes). JAWS will say, "jfw.exe".

4. Either, tap the Applications key, the key to the left of the right CTRL key or, press SHIFT+F10, to open the "Context Menue".

5. Tap the DOWN ARRO key, until the "Send To" submenue is highlighted, and tap the RIGHT ARROW KEY, TO OPEN IT or, press the letter "N" (without the quotes), to perform both steps at once. JAWS will say "Bluetooth device", which is the first item in the "Send To" submenue.

5. Either tap the DOWN ARROW KEY, until "Desktop (Creat shortcut)" is highlighted or, Tap the letter "d" (without the quotes), which will immediately highlight the item.

6. Press ENTER, and the new shortcut will appear on the Desktop.

7. Tap the letter "J", to highlight the newly created shortcut. JAWS will say "jfw.exe - shortcut".

8. Tap the F2 KEY, to open the edit field to edit the new shortcut.

9. Tap the DELETE KEY, to remove the existing text.

10. Type "JAWS 2018", and press ENTER, to accept the new shortcut for JAWS.

11. To add a shortcut key for JAWS, Press ALT+ENTER, to open the properties for the JAWS shordcut.

12. Tap the TAB key, until JAWS says, "Shortcut key: Hot key".

13. Tap the letter "J" (without the quotes. The CTRL and alt keys, are added by default. If you want to use a different keystroke shortcut, for example, CTRL+SHIFT+J, you would need to enter the keystroke combination manually.



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Hi all,
Today I was watching a Youtube video, and Jaws kept talking so I couldn't hear
the people in the video very well. So I turned Jaws using insert f4. Well after
the video was finished I tried to turn Jaws on using control alt j, but it
didn't work, my Dad had to click on Jaws. Now I know I have the command set, so
I'm not sure why it doesn't work. Any ideas? Is there any other way I can turn
Jaws on myself? If Jaws isn't working then my Braille display doesn't work
either (not sure if this is normal or not) so I don't even know where I am. I
hardly ever turn Jaws off, but I'd still like to know why the command to turn it
on doesn't work. Running Jaws 2018. Look forward to any suggestions anyone can
provide!! Thanks

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