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Dave Durber


The short cut keystroke to open the properties for any file or folder is ALT+ENTER.


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If it isn't on the desktop, the shortcut key likely won't work. To create the shortcut do the following.

hit windows+r and type shell:appsfolder and press enter

Now, find your version of jaws, hit the applications key and choose create shortcut. windows will complain and ask if you would like to put the shortcut on the desktop instead. Do that and you're done. You can right click on your new shortcut and choose properties, in there you will find where to put the shortcut key. When you're in the edit box, hit the key combination you want and then tab to okay.

Hope this helps.


On 11/15/2020 12:54, Madison Martin wrote:
Hi all,
I went to my desktop and the Jaws shortcut doesn't seem to be on there. I went
into the search box and found Jaws, but when I pressed shift f10 to create a
shortcut I got 5 options:
Run as administrator
Open file location
Unpin from taskbar
Pin to start

Can someone please tell me, what other way (s) can I create a shortcut for Jaws
on my desktop? Even though you've all provided me with other ways to start Jaws,
I'd still like to check and see if my shortcut key is still set or not. Thanks

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