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Milton Ota

Hello Listers,


He has been responded to and his situation will not be able to be solved by this list or tech support at Freedom Scientific. The individual works for a Federal Government Agency and the individual does not have Admin Rights so he cannot update the computer no matter if he was able to purchase a one year license to get the latest copy of JAWS and install it. The individual has to speak with his Supervisor and the IT Department to unlock the computer so that he has Admin Rights or get the IT Admin to work with him to resolve the problem he is having.

There is no need to respond to him or the list at this time.

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Or ask your employer if you can purchase the $90 home subscription for this computer you are medically get the new versions once they are released.
On Nov 13, 2020, at 7:29 PM, Randy Barnett <> wrote:

If you are running windows 10 especially the latest versions of windows 10 jaws 18 isn’t going to play well with it. You need to ask your employer for the latest version of Jaws.

Randy Barnett

On Nov 13, 2020, at 3:07 PM, wrote:

Hello, I’m hoping someone has some help, I just received a windows 10 laptop through work, and we are running jaws 18. The issues I’m having are:
1, when hitting alt plus other keys, IE alt+a to go to my explorer favorites, or other similar commands, the command works maybe 25 percent of the time. Sometimes I have to repeatedly hit the command, and sometimes it just doesn’t work at all. I’ve not found this with previous versions of windows running jaws 18.

2, the other issue I have is that when I am typing into an edit field, such as a search field on a search engine, or in any other explorer based program, many of the characters I type are not entering into the box. It’s almost as if there is a lag of some kind. I will have to go back and add about half the characters I’ve typed back in, as only fragments of words show up in the box.
I’m hoping this makes sense and that someone may have some suggestions.

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